Analysis of Sawnwood Marketing in Ibadan Metropolis


  • Olubukola Ugege Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
  • Oyekunle Issac Oyewo Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
  • Tunde-Francis A.A Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
  • Fatai Azeez Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria


Sawnwood, marketing, enterprise, Gross Margin, Profitability


The marketing of sawnwood is an enterprise that gives opportunities to meet economic needs of different level on the social strata. Hence it is necessary to study the economic analysis of sawnwood marketing in Bodija plank market in Ibadan Oyo State. A total of 150 questionnaires were randomly administered to sawnwood marketers in Bodija plank market. Primary data were collected through the aid of a well-structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and budgetary analysis were used in the study. The Result of the study shows that 99.33% of the respondents were male and 58.67% were married. The mean household size of the respondents is 3 members. The study also revealed the average age of the respondents to be 50 years old. From the analysis of costs and returns, the total revenue was ₦391,447,086. And the total cost was ₦296,573,550. The gross margin was ₦96,005,836 while the average Net profit was ₦632,490.24 which indicates that Sawnwood marketing is lucrative and profitable in the study area.  It was concluded that sawnwood marketing was a profitable AgriBusiness enterprise in the study.




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Ugege, O., Oyewo, O. I., A.A, T.-F., & Azeez, F. (2023). Analysis of Sawnwood Marketing in Ibadan Metropolis. 3rd International Congress of the Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, Malatya, Türkiye, 487–487. from